Investor's Business Daily: Welcome Dissenting Views To Broaden Your Thinking says Michael Berland

Welcome Dissenting Views To Broaden Your Thinking

You’re a visionary. That’s why you chose to build a business from the ground up.

Your commitment to turn your vision into reality drives your success. It allows you to radiate confidence and survive setbacks.

There’s just one problem. Visionaries are often wedded to their grand plan — and they may not welcome dissent.

“Independent-minded entrepreneurs are typically visionaries with a specific goal in mind,” said Michael Berland, a partner at Penn Schoen Berland, a research and polling firm in New York City. “When one of their employees suggests doing things differently or provides a contrarian perspective, they become frustrated.”

These clashes can make or break a business. Owners who are willing to learn from strong-willed personalities tend to prosper. But stubborn entrepreneurs may drive away talented employees and find themselves adrift.

A Change In Vision
Rather than shut down dissent, the highest-achieving visionaries spur their management team to engage in lively debate.

“The best visionaries accept an employee’s point of view, internalize it and gain the employee’s buy-in,” said Berland, co-author of “What Makes You Tick?”

That involves listening with an open mind to even the most bold or disruptive proposals, while sharing your concerns.

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