The Huffington Post: Obama: The Natural Born Leader by Michael Berland

Huffington Post: Obama: The Natural Born Leader
By Michael Berland and Doug Schoen
Published July 10, 2009

As the representative of General Motors’ new majority owner — the U.S. government — and the chief officer of the major banks in the US, President Barack Obama has become a de facto chairman of sorts and can now add ‘Captain of Industry’ ‘to his resume. Although Obama was not elected nor even appointed to these roles, his leadership style is perfectly suited for this complex challenge and many of the other similarly tangled problems facing the country today.

Obama is what we in our recent research on the various success archetypes among leaders at the top of their fields, have come to define as “a Natural Born Leader.” That phrase is not new. However, we believe we’ve defined the finer points in a new way and that President Obama exemplifies that definition.

On the campaign trail, even his opponents recognized that Obama had an awesome power to inspire, a telltale trait of a Natural Born Leader. Those who have dismissed Obama as a superficial orator — satisfying on the stump but lacking in true leadership — have missed the point entirely: leadership by inspiration is a major — perhaps the major — aspect of Obama’s success archetype. People who characterized Obama’s Cairo recent speech as “just public relations,” don’t understand that for Natural Born Leaders, inspiration is a valid product in and of itself.

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