Parade Magazine: What’s Your Money Personality?, a new survey by Michael Berland

What’s Your Money Personality?
By Michael J. Berland
Published: August 29, 2010

When it comes to personal finances, most of us belong to one of five types, according to a recent PARADE survey by public-opinion expert Michael Berland.

Where do you fit in?

Do-Rights keep budgets, avoid debt, and save for the future. When they need advice about money, they tend to ask experts.

About 75% of these middle-aged Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They’ve made major cutbacks since the financial crisis and want to start saving, but they find it difficult to stick to the budgets they’ve set for themselves.

Most of these single women earn less than $40,000 a year, and two-thirds say they’d quickly be in serious financial trouble if they lost their current source of income. Many say they feel embarrassed about their personal finances.

These young singles are optimistic about the future. They know they should pay more attention to their finances but say they’re too busy pursuing other goals.

These married homeowners make higher-than-average salaries but say they save less than they should and make too many impulse purchases. Nearly two-thirds of this group would rather let their romantic partners handle the finances.

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