Washington Post: On Success with Michael Berland: Outsiders are ‘in’

Outsiders are ‘in’
By Michael Berland
Published May 24, 2010

Q: What’s a politician to do? Voters rejected the incumbents in this week’s primaries in Pennsylvania and Kentucky (and Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces a runoff), shirking experience for new faces. What is so attractive about upstarts? In your experience, are you more likely to achieve success as a wise insider or a brash outsider?

The best prospect for making a difference and achieving real success is an outsider.

Outsiders can bring a fresh perspective and new ways to solve problems — they haven’t been “corrupted” by politics as usual and the insiders game. It’s not about anger or narrow ideology; it’s about competence and leadership and a fresh start.

One outsider I have worked for and admire is Mike Bloomberg. He ran for office as a leader, not a politician. He brought in new ideas from outside that cut across party lines and was willing to do what it took to achieve results.

And he was not beholden to special-interest groups. He has helped break through the gridlock and has brought a very different spirit to the political environment in New York.

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