Become A Fat-Burning Machine Excerpted in the NY Post


The story of how Mike Berland shed 70 pounds appears on the front page of the NY Post:

“I did the New York City Marathon in 2013 and managed to gain 10 pounds,” recalls the 47-year-old CEO of Edelman Berland, shaking his head. “Something was off.”

Exasperated, he resolved to put his professional skills to work on his own body. He asked top nutritionists, doctors and physical trainers to help him, as he tells The Post, “flip the switch” and reverse his downward spiral toward obesity.

The team pooled its knowledge, seeking out the latest studies, poring over Berland’s medical records and analyzing his eating habits and training schedule. They devised a unique integrated diet-and-exercise program that resulted in his remarkable loss of 70 pounds between September 2014 and September 2015.

Get the book, Become A Fat-Burning Machine, January 13.